Mizzou Tailgatin’, Ya’ll

The move to the SEC has not been quite as successful, on the field, as most Missouri fans had hoped. Quarterback, James Franklin, has had a rough season due to  injuries, the most recent we saw on Saturday with a knee sprain. Franklin did not return to the game causing the hopes of an SEC win to slip even further away. According to an online article on ESPN Jame Franklin (knee) out vs. Vandy

One thing Mizzou knew going into this season was that they would not win every game, but depth on the field is a necessary component to any SEC football team, and that is an area Mizzou is seriously lacking.  Although the Tigers are not doing as well as many fans hoped, Mizzou is becoming more of an SEC school each week.   One way especially is through our tailgates.  Fans have moved past the idea of a win, and are celebrating game day like never before.  Many current students and Mizzou fans knew night games were not our forte at the beginning of the season, but we like to believe that the training of day and morning games over the past years have given fans the drive, and frankly lack of knowing any better, to start tailgating as if the 8 o’clock game started at 2:30 PM. Although we do not have The Grove from Ole Miss or the Tennessee River behind our stadium like the Vols, Mizzou’s Lot X does its job quite well.   Lot X doesn’t have the elaborate tents with fancy finger foods or Southern Living showing up with a tent and camera crew; rather Mizzou students have developed a unique skill in their years in the Big 12 with those day games. We can come early and stay late because that is how we learned to tailgate. So, watch out SEC, next year Mizzou fans will give you a run for your money, on and off the field.

Courtesy of Leslie (blog member)

In the SEC it’s not just about the food, location, and time… but you all know this… it’s about the LOOK!

We would like to attribute our newly improved tailgating to more alum and parents coming in each week to celebrate our inaugural season. No longer is Mizzou settling for the hot dogs and hamburgers. Deviled eggs, pigs-in-a-blanket, hog roasts, BBQ skewers, and black and gold cupcakes are just a few of the treats Mizzou fans have started to branch out and munch on. We have each picked our favorite tailgate food!

Take a look at our Tailgate Playbook Menu!

Walking Tacos



QB Crackers


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Tailgate to Touchdown Deviled Eggs


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Football Whoopi Pies


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Pinterest has made tailgating as easy as 1,2,3. Just search a keyword and pin away. You can even access Pinterest on your smart phone, so there is no need to go to the grocery store with a printed copy of a recipe. Just don’t pin on an empty stomach.

Now you’re one step closer to having an SEC tailgate!

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